How I Work

My focus is on increasing your capacity vertically, rather than trying to improve your competency, capability, or horizontal capacity.

These gains tend to be more impactful, resilient, and sustainable over the long term. They leave you self-correcting and self-generating, instead of being dependent on other professionals including myself.

I work in three distinct modalities of coaching, consulting and training.

Based on size and complexity of the scope it can include only one or all three modalities. Each package is custom, and tailored to your particular situation and needs.

The only non-tailored, standard options are the group-coaching cohorts I run.

Modality 1 - Coaching

Coaching takes the form of one on one engagements with high potentials, senior managers, leaders, and execs.

In addition to corporate clients, I work individually with ambitious high performers who are wanting to take a leap into leadership and management or are looking for the X factor in their careers.

Modality 2- Consulting

This typically starts with senior leaders in larger setups which then gets cascaded throughout the organization.

Program designs vary with complexity and scope.

Modality 3- Training

This can be in the form of speaking engagements, workshops, training programs, or facilitation.

I also run two group coaching cohorts during the year. One is a leadership training program for technical folks looking to transition into management. Another is for seasoned managers looking to level up their game, or reinvigorate their jaded approach.

Schedule a call

Did one of the articles resonate with you? Wondering what might be the best approach to a vexing challenge you are facing?

My offerings vary between coaching, consulting, and training based onyour needs. You can set up a 30 minute, no obligation strategy session where we can discuss potential options.

Alternatively, you can email me directly —

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